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Access analysis

For web and intranet projects it does not make sense to integrate external online providers for the purpose of logging and evaluating a website's traffic statistics. The common tools available for analysing webserver logfiles on in-house webservers are often not especially suited because they only "see" the ID instead of the page title of Automat websites.

For this reason, such tools are unable to provide meaningful reports. The Automat has therefore been equipped with its own website traffic analysis system.

Logging of access to the contents of web pages is achieved through the integration of a small JavaScript tracking script. In Automat, the webmaster can retrieve the following reports:

  • Last visitors
  • Page ranking
  • Monthly and daily details per page
  • Daily report
  • Monthly report
  • Annual report.

Details on the access logging functions:

  • Web pages that are not generated by the Automat web CMS such as static web pages or custom web applications can also be included in the statistical analysis by integrating the JavaScript tracking script.
  • Traffic access logging also functions with browsers where JavaScript has been deactivated.
  • No cookies needed.
  • The traffic access statistics are saved in an Oracle table.
  • In order to limit the volume of data contained in the tracking table the Automat clears up after itself. It does this by deleting all log records that are older than a specified number of days.
  • The logging process does not slow down loading of the web pages because logging is accomplished with the help of an invisible iFrame, the content of which cannot affect the rendering of the web pages.
  • The download of files from the Automat database (internal files) is also logged and can be monitored in the website traffic statistics.
  • The IP addresses of visitors are optionally stored anonymised for privacy.

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