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WebAG Automat 10 - what is new?

The new release is a comprehensive revision of the Automat PL/SQL Web Content Management System. It offers a new modern user interface, more convenience for authors when working with web pages, images and files that links to various single sign-on systems, and many other improvements.


New design for the authoring system

The user interface of the authoring system has been thoroughly modernized. Web design, style sheets, colors, fonts, JavaScript frameworks, screen layout - each component has been revised. First, the new dark gray area at the left of the screen catches the eye. It offers the functions that uses an author most frequently:

  • Last edited web pages
  • Search the content database
  • Change password or user alias
  • Change Automat language
  • List of not yet published changes
  • Open tasks
  • For administrators: System messages
  • Link to the documentation
  • Access Automat extensions/tools.


New web page editor

The old WYSIWYG website editor has had its day. Automat 10 moves to the modern open-source editor CKEditor. This brings many advantages for the authoring system:

  • The editor can be configured flexibly, e.g. to limit the amount of fonts or colors that are the authors offered.
  • In Automat-stencils each authroing-inputarea can get its own editor-configuration.
  • There is a huge amount uf addons available to add more functions to the editor, e.g. the Youtube-Plugin for a smooth integration of videos. 
  • The editor is an open source software.
  • It runs stable on every relevant browser.

More comfort for uploading files

Until now, it was a bit cumbersome if you wanted to upload many files into the Automat database. Each file had to be selected and uploaded one by one. The new Automat 10 makes the file upload much easier:

  • Drag and Drop: Authors can transfer many files at once. You can drag the files together into the upload window.
  • The new files are automatically transferred into the content database and published immediately, if desired.
  • You can decide whether the Automat shall create a new Automat-document for each file, or whether it should recognize existing file names and only generate a new version of the existing document.

More comfort with large databases

Working with folders, websites and files has been improved. It is now much easier to handle thousands of documents in the Automat content database:

  • The order of pages and files in Machine-folders can now be easily changed. By clicking on the order icon, authors can move web page up, down, to the beginning or end of the folder.
  • New icons indicate the folder-contents at a glance, whether a folder is invisible or a document is published, disabled or password protected.
  • Selecting a graphic or a link target in the editor has been improved. The new content browser displays images with thumbnails. In addition, all language versions of a document are shown together.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We have developed interfaces to attach the WebCMS to single sign-on systems. Authors or visitors of websites do not have to log in again if they are already logged in at the central SSO system. The following SSO systems have been integrated with the WebAG Automat:


Further improvements and fixes

Inside the WebCMS we made hundrets of small improvements. WebAG Automat 10 is the perfrct web content management system for internet- and intranet-projects with Oracle databases. During the coming months there will be a lot of more improvements, in order to make use of the potential of the new version in projects! 


WebAG Automat for your web- or intranet project

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