What can we do for You?
System Development Database Administration, -Installation & Tuning Business Concept & Technical Implementations using Oracle Business Sectors
  1. Telecommunications
    1. Rating & Billing
    2. Customer Care, CRM
    3. Human Resource Planning
    4. Fraud Detection
  2. Oil Production & Refinery
    1. Sales and Account receivables
    2. Cargo Tracking & Tracing
  3. Energy Wholesale & Retail
    1. CRM, Contracting & Sales Support
    2. Full Automation of Installation Coordination
    3. Full Automation from CRM through Billing to Finance/Payment processing
  4. Warehousing, Logistics
    1. Cargo Planning, Tracking & Tracing
    2. Supply Chain Administration
  5. Lottery Processing Systems
    1. Data Warehousing
  6. Insurance
    1. Accounts Receivables & Disbursements
  7. NATO
    1. Budget and Accounting
  8. Wholesale and Retail
    1. Merchandising Administration
  9. Finance & Asset Management
    1. Private Banking CRM
    2. Investment Banking
    3. Portfolio Management
    4. Portfolio Data Analysis & Reporting
  10. Vehicle Import, Wholsesale & Retail
    1. Ordering
    2. Automated Interfacing with Manufacturers
Other Consultancy Activities As long-term consultant, we will also help you with your:
- evaluation of Hardware-, Network- and Software-Platform,
- Quality Assurance of your existing information systems,
- search for business partners in related IT-areas.
Translations Services in English / German / Dutch. We locally and remotely offer translation, comprising documents, contracts, web sites and documentation.

Due to working in projects in several business sectors in English, German and Dutch-speaking countries, You may rely on thorough knowledge of the above three languages in writing.

Please contact us for discussing customization of services to meet all Your requirements.
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